• Deborah

How To Find Happiness In Chaos

For every journey, it helps to have a map and a compass.

As I write this post, I am watching a 2006 movie called “The Lake House.” How many times have I watched it? I can’t count. My whole adult career was based around real estate so this movie has a lot of elements I enjoy. As a real estate professional, I looked forward to previewing new homes, seeing how the people utilized the space and their choice in colors and furniture. I was intrigued by how they converted the space from a house to a home.

There’s a scene in the movie about half-an-hour in where Keanu Reeves' character is having a beer with his brother. His brother asks him about when the house was built. Keanu says he was eight years old and his brother wasn’t born yet. He further goes on to say of the house:

Here, you're in a… In a box. glass box with a view to everything that's around you ...but you can't touch it. No interconnection between you and what you're looking at.

His brother replies, I don't know, you know. He's got this big maple growing…”

Keanu finishes his sentence for him, “...right in the middle of the house. - Containment. Containment and control. This house is about ownership, not connection. I mean, it's beautiful. Seductive, even. But it's incomplete. It was all about him. Dad knew how to build a house, not a home. But you know, ...I think he wants us to do what he couldn't. But, admitting that… ...would mean admitting that he came up short in some way… that he could do more. And that tortures him.”

There’s such a sadness in his tale. When you look at the house, it feels so cold and distant, not warm. All that glass and metal. You can see right through it. It seems to have no substance.

Keanu tells us that the lake house is an exact representation of his Father, the architect. Later on in the movie, we find out that it was a gift for his wife, Keanu’s character’s Mother. His Father, it seems, had a hard time showing love. He knew how to build a structure to impress the world, build upon his reputation as an architect, but not how to create a home. For many, to show love is to show weakness and vulnerability. This couldn't be farther from the truth.

Many people go through life believing that life “happens” around and to them. They don’t seem to realize that they are architects of their own life, their home. We are co-creators with God. Before you think I’m referring to some “new age” ideology, please keep reading.

If you study Truth from ancient writings and religions, and philosophy masters, it can become very complex and intimidating. How is one to know what is actually the Truth?

For me struggling to find answers, I decided to go to the Source. The Infinite Creator. Where else am I to find my path to happiness and my mission or purpose in life? He created me so He has all of the answers.

After much studying and praying (yes, I had faith that I would receive the answers I sought), I started to see “patterns” of what I believed to be the truth. Things started to line up.

I must mention here; the journey of Truth can be unsettling and even painful. You will learn much about yourself and others that might be difficult to comprehend. What you will find is that you have carried the answers within you your whole life. God planted seeds within you. Don't get distracted by the world. Have courage! The journey will be worth the effort!

It may sound a bit strange, but the journey of finding Truth is similar to doing research on the Internet. When you do research on the Internet, you find all kinds of opinions, angles, perspectives. But if you research long enough, you start to see patterns.

The Truth seems to float up to the surface, be exposed in the light, rise above the dark and uncertain waters below. You will be able to discern the Truth from the speculation, myths, hypothesis, and manufactured lies churning below.

The key to this life, in my humble opinion based on my experience, is to learn how things work here while living on the earth. You need to recognize and apply universal principles. Jesus clarifies these principles in the Bible. It’s the best guide we have (even though mankind has tampered with each of the books trying to distort the Truth and manipulate for personal gain).

If you do your research as I have stated before, you will find the light of Truth and receive the messages and lessons to be applied. Truth and happiness in this lifetime of chaos and COVID-19 can be revealed to you.

From my experience, the first step was to ask in prayer, with faith believing, for Jesus to help me find the Truth and to be able to correctly interpret it so that I could actually apply it in my life. It sounds simple, but it is not.

The process of growing my faith precept by precept, experience by experience, and searching for Truth led me to who I am today. My faith is unshakable, I do not fear. I can be “concerned,” but I am not a victim of fear.

We are told the story of having the faith of a tiny mustard seed, that it is enough faith to move a mountain. Following that faith:

Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe (with unwavering confidence) that you receive them, and you will have them. ~ Mark 11:22-24

This doesn’t mean that faith and prayer are going to bring you all of the financial wealth a person might desire (unless that’s God’s will), but it does mean that if you apply the principles Jesus has revealed, you will receive what you seek. It looks something like this:

1) Having unwavering faith in the universal (and today, scientific) principles as revealed by God.

2) Learning and applying these principles in your life to learn of God's love for you and building your faith.

3) Combining 1 and 2 with His power, love, and desire for your happiness, you will find Truth and your mission will be revealed. This will lead you to a happy fulfilled journey here.

My best advice is to cultivate your faith, keep seeking the Truth, apply the principles as you learn them, and seek the wisdom of the Infinite Creator with all the important decisions in your life. God and the Truth are your map and compass to joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

If you choose to do these things, you will learn to not fear, but love. You will learn to look forward to the next experience, the next lesson. You will find joy in waiting to see how God brings you sources of help, deliverance, and opportunities for growth.

Just like we see in the movie, whatever we do here, whatever we accomplish, whatever we leave behind, has energy, a vibration. What will you leave behind? What do you desire your legacy to be when you have returned to your Heavenly Home?

Be well, be blessed.