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One of the great secrets to success when you have a small business is to not make your focus be about the money. That's a worldly focus. Yes, money is indeed an important factor that you have to monitor closely, but it shouldn't be the source of your motivation.  You know, the thing that gets you out of bed each day.

If you want to experience real success and feel truly fulfilled, you have to focus on people. Specifically, those you can help. Happiness comes when you can do something for someone else. I know that it has helped me all throughout my challenges with my husband's illness. Of course, caring for him helped me to be less focused on me, but as I walk through the grieving process, I'm finding that service is still a great source of happiness. It has become a way of life for me.

My business is focusing on helping people create a sanctuary at home or in their main daily living spaces. I focus on designing custom items that bring joy to everyday life. May my works make you smile a bit more, instill hope, bring you closer to our Creator, and inspire you to become a better person. You could say, my transformative art is a form of escapism.


As you incorporate self-development and focus to make each day count, my art can help you to keep that focus. Visual art can uplift you on challenging days, and be a source of the positivity and love you desire to surround yourself with. My art can take you to another place, away from the complications and stresses of the outside world. This is what I have to offer.

I look forward to building relationships with real people, both collectors and small business owners. If you appreciate my work and want to help me, here are some ideas on how we can bless each other.

Small Business Owners

  1. I am open to bartering services.

  2. I am also open to combining advertising costs, like a co-op.

  3. I am open to referring each other business. Let's explore how we can assist each other in growing our businesses.

  4. I just love win-win scenarios. How about doing some brainstorming together to get the creativity flowing. There's nothing we can't do when we work together.

Art Buyers & Collectors

  1. To help me succeed, you can create a testimonial video. Depending on whether you are local or not, I may be able to assist with this. When you open or view your creation for the first time, please video tape your facial expression and speak about what you are feeling about seeing your purchase firsthand. Then share the video with me so I can use it to market my business and introduce others to my art.

  2. You can also write a testimonial to help others learn about the ordering experience, how it is to work with me, the delivery or shipping time, and the quality of the item. Did your purchase meet, or hopefully, exceed your expectations? By sharing your experience, you help spread the word about my mission, my designs, and my artwork. Together, we can help spread more light and love in this world.

  3. If you live in my immediate local community where I live, you automatically qualify for a discount.

  4. If you have purchased from me in the past, you will receive a discount on your second purchase as a "thank you" for your repeat business. 

  5. If you purchase 5 separate items from me, you become "Collector Status" of my art and qualify for a discount for life. I truly appreciate your loyalty and friendship. I would love to hear your reasons for becoming an art collector.

Do you have other ideas or suggestions that would help us both? Reach out to me.

Thank you. Be well, be blessed.