Artist Statement


"The purpose of the painter is simply to reproduce in other minds the impression which a scene has made upon him. A work of art does not appeal to the intellect. It does not appeal to the moral sense. Its aim is not to instruct, not to edify, but to awaken an emotion."


— George Inness, American Landscape Painter



"Art as process is a meditative activity. True painting is prayer; it happens when everything inside and outside joins in one action."

— Michele Cassou, Stewart Cubley, Life, Paint, and Passion







As a creative person from my earliest memories, I have found that art for me has become so much more than just feeding a creative obsession. It truly is a sacred expression of the relationship I have with the Infinite Creator of All.  


My process of creating my art is indeed a meditative activity. Because I’m not motivated by profit, I am freer than I have ever been before. I am inspired from above and the world around me with images and important messages for me to ponder, contemplate and discuss. The preparation, meditation, "Research Phase" can vary in length. I am patient and just let His spirit guide me.

My subject matter tends to be nature themed. When out in nature exploring and experiencing, I feel closest to God. I'm not distracted by manmade things or human interaction. It's just God's creations and me. I'm at peace mostly in this scenario. I enjoy photography very much so often I am capturing moments, mood, and lighting for further contemplation at home in my studio.


Once I have found my subject and focus, I then consider various compositions, colors, and materials that I feel will best express the discoveries I have made during the initial research and meditative state. Most often I use acrylic paints, metallics, permanent markers or ink. Depending on what I'm trying to convey, I may also create mixed media works with modeling paste or clay. These mediums are so tactile and give my work demension. I will also incorporate items I find in nature such as seeds, grasses, or flower petals. I may also incorporate beads, chains, household items or artist jewels to capture and reflect His light.


Following the Research Phase, I just let things marinate and soak into my heart and soul. Because I have been meditating and praying throughout the Research Phase, this stage usually materializes rather quickly. This is where the whole project really jells. Things seem to come to a point where I can envision exactly what the project will ideally materialize into… I can “see” it in my mind's eye.

What a privilege to be commissioned by Him. I don't have to please the masses. I get to work on my projects, not caring about trends, critics, or finances. As long as I stay close to Him, my creations are going to reach “the right audience.” He’ll make sure of that. This is a very freeing experience for me as an artist. I am a humble tool, being used to uplift and guide people to Him so they, too, can find their true purpose and mission on their life’s journey.


It’s truly a win-win-win scenario:

The Process


God, The Creator and Sender of The Love Message >


Me, The Tool or Messenger Expressing the Love Message >


You, The Viewer, Buyer, Receiver of Your Unique Love Message from God



During this exchange and communication, I believe that my art should take you to a place beyond the physical senses experienced here on our beloved planet. It should touch you deep in your core. It should touch your very heart in a profound way. Material manmade worldly things cannot bring you the lasting kind of happiness that we should be able to feel when viewing art that speaks to us on a deep soul level.

As an artist, the closest I can come to expressing my emotions when I’m creating is to say that I feel connected to God and the Universe in a way that I cannot feel when doing anything else. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. God is Love. I feel it all throughout the creative process.


No matter what you do with your life, what choices you make, or what experiences you have, the Creator desires to plant a seed of Love within your heart. A seed that you will cherish and nourish each and every day until harvest time. His plan is for us to return to our Heavenly Home. God wants all of us to return to Him in a grand celebration of life and all that we have accomplished while on this earthly journey.

I am your local Transformative Artist. (Wikipedia contributors, "Transformative arts," Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Transformative_arts&oldid=982971984 (accessed October 11, 2021).


Every time an art buyer or collector shares with me their personal story, their "Love Message From God," I am very humbled. Some have related how my creations, (as God's tool), have touched their lives and their soul bringing them closer to God. When this happens, people start to make positive changes in their lives and they, too, feel the Creator’s love and joy as I do. There is no greater joy or fulfillment as an artist. Then, I’ve reached my goal, one person at a time. I'm living my life authentically.