Artist Statement

Whatever touches my spirit, uplifts my soul, makes me look a bit closer, deeper, or to try a new perspective; this is what captures my attention and focus. I meditate on what I’m seeing and feeling to clarify the experience. My creative process then calls for me to take time to contemplate exactly what it is making me feel and why.


My interpretation of the subject matter then becomes something that I pray about. Why? Validation and clarification. I need to spend time with the Source, the Infinite Creator of All to fine-tune my interpretation of what it is that is inspiring me. This process can be considered a type of intimate spiritual collaboration.


Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. God is Love. Therefore, the desired end result of my work is to help you awaken and discover that God created your heart to be like fertile ground. No matter what you do with your life, what choices you make or what experiences you have, the Creator desires to plant a seed of Love within your heart that you will cherish and nourish on a daily basis all the days of your life until harvest time. Then the real celebration begins when you return to your Heavenly Home. God wants all of us to return Home and celebrate all that we have accomplished.


My work is something that is evolving with me on this spiritual journey. With each new project, I choose whichever materials I think will express my experiences most completely. My sincere hopes and desires are to convey and reassure you of the Creator’s incomprehensible unconditional love.